Terms & Conditions

Terms of Agreement Unless stated otherwise, MBS Academy web pages and videos on this site are copyrighted material and are not to be sold, distributed or shared by electronic or any other means. MBS Academy has two types of web pages on his site: The first type is the publicly accessible web pages and the other type is the restricted web pages. The latter are the web pages that are accessible only after readers have paid for an online catalog item or an online course. MBS Academy’s publicly accessible web pages may be used or reproduced for the sole use of the individual reader. Links to MBS Academy’s publicly accessible pages can be posted on the web, unless these links are part of operations that are generating profit by using the material. In this case written permission from MBS Academy is required. Posting or sharing the link to the restricted, non-publicly accessible web pages is not permitted. The written permission of MBS Academy is required for any other reproduction, transmission or use of the material or portion of the material.

It is unethical for anyone to share with others any of the links or URLs to the course materials. These are only to be accessed by the person who paid and registered for the specific course and not by anyone else.